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Last Updated on 03/08/2019

1.1.  The  COMPANY  sells  to  ultimate  customers  by  way  of  direct  selling  various  products and services.  The  specific  COMPANY  distribution  system  is  characterized  by  the  fact  that  Independent Associates (IA) by way of direct selling offer consumers the COMPANY products  for  acquisition  by  way  of  personal  or  web-based  contacts.  In  this  connection the system is based on the COMPANY COMPENSATION PLAN.

This Plan regulates  the  tasks  of  the  IAs  according  to  their  functional  position  in  the  Organization which is structured according to the principles of the so-called Multi-Level Marketing system. Furthermore, the Plan regulates the performance criteria an  IA  must  meet  in  order  to  reach  the  individual  functional  positions  in  the  Organization as well as   the compensation paid for the successful performance of the contractual tasks.

1.2.  The  IA and  COMPANY  will  cooperate  in  the  realization  and  execution  of  the  COMPANY selling system as well as in the protection of the integrity of the system. In  this  connection  the  IA  will  perform  his  tasks  as  an  independent  as  well  as  entrepreneurially  active  contractual  partner,  observing  the  specifications  of  the  COMPANY Selling System, of the COMPANY COMPENSATION PLAN which constitute together  with  this  T&C  the  entire  agreement  between  COMPANY  and  the  IA. COMPANY will take care that all necessary information concerning the products and the system are made available for the IA at all times in updated form.

1,3 The COMPANY endeavors to operate at the highest ethical standards of Network Marketing. Any persons implying that an IA will achieve financial success by relying solely on the efforts of others should be disregarded. Furthermore, any persons that relates compensation and financial success solely upon recruiting as against actual sales for ultimate use by customers is eventually destined not to be successful.

1.4 A Cloud Horizon Limited IA is regarded as an entrepreneur and thus like any other independent business person, his or her success or failure depends on his or her personal efforts. No direct sales company can legitimately guarantee its independent associates any particular income or success. Cloud Horizon Limited provides an opportunity for its IAs to enrich the quality of their life styles.   

Basically, the IA as an commercial agent  provides, in the name of the COMPANY and for account of the COMPANY, exclusively ultimate customers with the various products and services of the COMPANY’s product range. b.  STRUCTURING:  The IA  will  collaborate  on  the  development  of  the  COMPANY’sselling organization by recruiting new IAs and by supporting all IAs belonging to the 'Line of Responsibility' developed by him by informing, instructing and motivating.Recruiting is not remunerated.

2.2.STATUS + STATUS OBLIGATIONSThe IA  as  a  self-employed will  announce  his  trade  as  commercial  agent  in  direct  selling  to  the  competent  communal  authority.  He  is  responsible  for  fulfilling  his  other entrepreneurial obligations, particularly concerning the field of taxes, as well as  for  safeguarding  of  his  risks  in  profession  and  life  (liability,  accident,  sickness,  inability to work because of old age or sickness, etc.) by a private or possibly public insurance. He also should take in mind the possible obligations of social securities.

2.3. BEHAVIOUR TO CONSUMERS: IA will refrain from any misleading behaviour about the purpose of their contacts and will terminate any sales conversation if desired by customers. IAs will identifythemselves with their name and as CLOUD HERIZON’s IAs. IAs will refrain from any unsolicited telephone or e-mail contact to consumers.

3. Validity With all agreements, products and services being offered through any of the Cloud Horizon Limited provided websites the Terms & Conditions are exclusively applicable at all times. In the event of invalidity of one or more provisions of the General Terms & Conditions, the remaining provisions shall remain in force. 

4. Back OfficeThe Company supplies the IA with a personal online back office which includes marketing material, training programs and administrational functions supporting their Independent business activities. The back office provides an overview of commissions, bonuses, personal information, organizational sales, career growth, statistics, latest company news along with a variety of documentation and promotional material.    

5. Intellectual Property Rights The COMPANY and/or its licensors own all rights to the intellectual property and material contained in their Websites, and all such rights are reserved.IAs are granted a limited license only, subject to the restrictions provided in these Terms & Conditions for the sole purpose of viewing the material and content contained on these Websites.

6. REVOCATION OF RETAIL CUSTOMER ORDERSThe  COMPANY  is  conceding  to  final  retail  customers  legally  required  revocation  right  of  14  days.  The  corresponding  instruction  on  this  right  is  printed  on  the  customer order form. Because the products are sold only by the COMPANY to the customers, IAs  are  obliged  to  conform  to  this  consumer-friendly  rule  in  their  relationship to their final customers. If such a consumer according to the instruction of  his  right  of  revocation  returns  any  merchandise  to  his  IA,  the  IA  on  his  part  is  permitted to return the product to the COMPANY. 

7 . Restrictions IAs are specifically restricted from all of the following: 

1.Publishing any of the Websites material in any media;

2.Selling, sub-licensing and/or otherwise commercializing any Websites material;

3.Publicly performing and/or showing any Websites material;

4.Using these Websites in any way that is, or may be, damaging to these Websites;

5.Using these Websites in any way that impacts user access to these Websites; 6.Using these Websites contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or in a way that causes, or may cause, harm to the Websites, or to any person or business entity;

7.Using these Websites to engage in any advertising or marketing;

8.Advertising and Promote

1.The company name Cloud Horizon is protected by trademark. Each IA isgranted   a limited, non-exclusive license to use the trademark in conjunction with their business activities in line with the Terms & Conditions. The Cloud Horizon trademark is the exclusive property of Cloud Horizon. It is strictly prohibited for the IA to modify or create their own trademarks, websites, Domains or E-Mail Addresses or other IP rights that cover the Company’s logo, labels, titles, product, trade names or designs.

2. The IA is permitted upon receiving written approval to develop their own marketing material as long as they are not in violation of any conditions of these T&C’s, or any other legal regulations in force. The IA acknowledges that any violation of the above can lead to instant freezing of their account and or ending the agreement without notice.

3. The IA acknowledges that they are prohibited from using any written, printed, recorded or any other material in advertising, promoting or describing the products/services or the Cloud Horizon marketing concept, or in any other manner, any material which has not been copyrighted and supplied by Cloud Horizon, unless such material has been submitted to Cloud Horizon and approved in writing accordingly, before being distributed, published or displayed.Furthermore, the IA agrees to make no false or fraudulent representations about Cloud Horizon, the products/services, Compensation Plan or income potentials.

4. An IA is permitted to download approved Cloud Horizon images from its websites in relationship with their business activities. However, Cloud Horizon will have at times certain images on its websites that are prohibited from downloading. These images will be specifically marked as “copyrighted” and cannot be downloaded.

5. All Cloud Horizons materials, whether printed, electronically produced, generated on film, or produced by sound recording, are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, in full or part by an IA or any other person, except if authorized in writing. Permission to reproduce any materials will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. The IA is prohibited from making audio or video recordings of speeches, discussions or presentations made by any Cloud Horizon corporate officers, authorized agents, representatives, guest speakers or employees, unless specifically authorized in writing or publicly announced by a Cloud Horizon corporate officer at time of the delivery. An IA is prohibited from producing, selling or distributing literature, films, electronic or computer-generated print media, or sound recordings that are deceptively similar in nature to those produced, published and provided by Cloud Horizon. Nor may an IA purchase, sell or distribute non-company materials, that imply or suggest that the materials originate from Cloud Horizon.

6. It is prohibited to sell any of the Cloud Horizon products/services being offered via (online) public or private markets, department stores or auctions.

7. It is prohibited to sell any marketing/promotional material to other IAs or to send out spam messages, mass fax or emails to others. 8. IAs are allowed to purchase goods to promote their business activities. The IA should keep in mind not to outdo the standard necessities within a certain domestic household. 

9. Any inquiries by the media must be referred immediately to the Cloud Horizon support team. The purpose of this policy is to ensure an accurate and consistent public image. It is prohibited to act as a spokesperson or to make statements for the mass media on behalf of Cloud Horizon.  

10. It is prohibited to recruit new IAs through the presentation of false high-income statements. The IAs are encouraged and instructed by the Company to thoroughly explain how to achieve certain career positions within the company and thereby also clearly explain that the highest positions are only achievable through the utmost commitment, hard work and continuous effort of the IA to reach the top. 

11. Any IA using a domain name, email address etc. utilizing any of the Company’s trademarks (i.e. Cloud Horizon) without written approval of the Company must be aware that legal action can and will follow. An IA must continually adhere to the Advertising & Promotional regulations herein as well as stating on any personal website(s), promotional material, business cards etc. that they are an IA of Cloud Horizon. The IA should always bear in mind not to violate any rules and regulations laid out by the Company and thus be aware not to damage the Company’s image or their fellow IAs. This is also applicable for associated companies or third parties.

12. All personal websites, business/visit cards, clothing, recognition pins, name tags, approved advertisements or any other promotional materials must include correct information. An IA is an independent associate and should act, present themselves accordingly. It is prohibited for an IA to use the name of the Company to any applications for loans, setting up long or short-term contracts or incurring expenses in the name of the Company.

13. The Company will notify its IAs via email or Social Media of all corporate events. The times and location of the events may at the sole discretion of the Company be changed. It is also possible that the Company decides to postpone or even cancel an event if the Company deems it necessary.   

9. Registration /Appointment
1. Any person that is at least 18 years of age and wishes to become an IA of Cloud Horizon Limited can do so through the referral link or username of an active IA or directly through the Company. When choosing the latter, the Company will randomly and at its sole discretion connect the new IA with an active IA endeavoring to make a regional match.

2. The Company reserves its right to reject an application at its discretion and without providing a reason.

3. To Register as a Cloud Horizon IA requires the payment of a yearly license fee of 95 € in the first year and 60 € in the following years. This license fee covers the delivery of technical assistance, tools and professional support for IAs.  The purchase of customer products or services is not precondition for any participation or qualification

4. During the registration process, the IA chooses a username and password which he/she can use to log in to the website after completing the registration. The IA is solely responsible for choosing a sufficiently secure password. The IA must keep the username and password strictly confidential. The Company is not liable in any manner for the abuse of login data. 

5. All details/information etc. implemented and submitted through the account of the IA is the exclusive responsibility and at the risk of the IA. If an IA knows or suspects that his/her credentials have come into unauthorized hands, he/she must change his/her password as soon as possible and/or inform the Company, so that appropriate action can be taken accordingly.

6. The Company does not exclude the possibility of certain partnerships and the registration of companies. To avoid friction between parties and to ensure a proper registration process it is advisable that the parties in question send a copy of their agreement between themselves to the company to keep on file. 

7. In the event of married couples, it is permitted to conduct the business as two individual IAs with two independent accounts or jointly as one IA account. It is to be acknowledged that spouses are obliged to have the same sponsor, or one spouse can sponsor the other. In the case of a divorce or separation between spouses who jointly run an IA business, a document signed by both spouses clearly indicating who will continue running the business will be required.  

8. Changes in personal information must be kept up-to-date by the IA. In the profile section of the back office, an IA can implement necessary changes. Some changes of personal information can only be changed through a submitting a request. Once the IT department has received the request, changes will be made if appropriate.

9. An IA cannot request a placement change after submitting the application form as the final step of the registration process.

10. An IA can request a change of sponsor; however, his/her current account must be inactive for a period of 26 weeks. After this time period, he/she can submit a new application with his/her desired sponsor.

11. A Cloud Horizon IA has the status of an independent associate. In no provision herein, or described in the Terms & Conditions, shall the IA be deemed as an employee, agent or representative of the Company. The IA conducts his/her business at their own risk and under their own management, at their own determined time and place, and supplies all of his/her own equipment for operating their Cloud Horizon business, such as: telephones, professional services, office space and expenses. The IA is fully responsible for any third-party claims including but not limited to damages, liabilities, fines or material breaches in relation to the IAs activity.

12. An IA is allowed to have one (1) membership or position within the sales structure of the Company and the Company is not responsible for multiple accounts. However, an IA is allowed to have access and administration for multiple accounts, for example multiple family members accounts being administrated from one IA.  

10. Revoking Agreement
1. Even though an IA enters into a business agreement with the Company the IA is granted the right to revoke the Agreement within 14 calendar days fromregistration freely by writing to the COMPANY with a ticket from their back office.  

2. Additionally the IA must do so by writing to the COMPANY a ticket from their back office within a period of 30 calendar days after the day on which the IA has informed the Company of the withdrawal of the Agreement to get refunded any payments.

3. An IA may re-apply to become an IA. In this case, the account of the IA must have been inactive for a period of 26 weeks.

11. IA Agreement

1. An IA is an independent associate and not an employee, legal partner, legal representative or franchisee of Cloud Horizon. An IA acknowledges, understands and agrees that only he/ she will be solely responsible for paying all expenses incurred by him/herself, including but not limited to income tax, social insurance where applicable, travel, food, lodging, secretarial, office, telephone and other expenses. An IA will not be treated as an employee of Cloud Horizon under any circumstances. Cloud Horizon is not responsible for tax withholding, and reserves the right to refuse, withhold or deduct from the IAs bonuses and commissions for taxes of any kind, even if they are requested or agreed in order to comply with any governmental order with- holding. The IA understands that it is their sole responsibility to pay all applicable federal and/or national and/or state taxes and/or license fees that may become due as a result of their activities as an IA.

2. If eligible, the IA will be compensated for the products/services they sell to final customers and the products/services sold through their sales organization. In linewith the actual compensation plan. There are no bonus or commissions for the mere act of sponsoring. The sale of products to end consumers must be emphasized in all presentations. The entire success of the IA is the sole responsibly of the IA and depends entirely on the efforts made by the IA. The bonuses and commissions compensation for an IA is solely sales-based.

3. The IA must act ethically and responsibly at all times. Furthermore, the IA will act with the utmost integrity and objectivity, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of the Company. 
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